Eagerly Waiting to Reopen

Work has begun on the new location

Work has begun on the new location for Willi’s Wine Bar! We field questions from customers daily about the reopening, but really, no one is more excited than our staff.

Hannah Shanley worked at Willi’s Wine Bar for 6 years and says being part of the staff was like belonging to a close-knit family.

“We had all been working in restaurants for a while and we wanted to be proud of something,” says Hannah. “There was a nice chemistry between all of us”.

On October 8th, 2017, Hannah and 10 of her friends, including some fellow employees, landed in Barcelona to celebrate Hanna’s 40th birthday. When they landed, they received news of the fires in Santa Rosa. By the time they sat down for their first meal they learned that Willi’s Wine Bar had burned down.

“It was a weird scenario to be so far away,” says Hannah. “We were devastated. But we decided to have the best time we could, and when we got back we helped out where we could.”

Owners Mark and Terri Stark reassigned their Willi’s Wine Bar employees to other restaurants. Hannah is currently a server at Willi’s Seafood and Raw Bar. She works with some of her other staff members from Willi’s Wine Bar, and the group does make a point to get together for game nights and other parties. Hannah says they all look forward to working at the same restaurant together again, and welcoming their regular customers as well as new faces.

What Willi’s Wine Bar is she most excited to eat again? The Moroccan Style Lamb Chops

What wine is she looking forward to serving again at Willi’s Wine Bar? Champagne!